St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Jogoo Road, Nairobi, Kenya.

Provost: Reverend Paul KariukiThe Provost: Rev. Paul Kariuki.

Welcome to St. Stephens Cathedral, Nairobi.

We welcome you to worship with us. This year our Theme is “Rediscovering His Mission for His Church“.
It is based on Jeremiah 6:16,
“…ask for the ancient paths…and walk in it and you will find rest”. The theme draws our attention to the mission of the Church. It challenges us to examine all that we do and re-focus our thoughts and actions as we fulfill Christ’s mission on Earth.

For the year of 2014 it is our prayer that each one who worships at St. Stephens Cathedral would rediscover Christ’s mission and be passionately involved in fulfilling it by offering their time, skills, talents, resources and finances.

Our faith…

  1. Our faith must be grounded in the WORD
  2. Our faith must be renewed DAILY
  3. Our faith must be shared PASSIONATELY

“Influencing the City, the Nation and the World”




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