Church Army Evangelism

Church Army Evangelism:


A Brief History
Church Army Africa was started in East Africa in 1953. Church Army is a society and network of Anglican Evangelists spread in nine African countries of Eastern and Central Africa and serving in the dioceses of the Anglican Church. Our unique heritage is theological training obtained at Carlile College, formally Church Army Training College at our Jogoo Road Headquarters in Nairobi. This site has since 1958 produced more than 400 graduates who on completion of their training are commissioned to be Church Army Officers.

The Purpose of an evangelist
The purpose of an evangelist is to present Christ Jesus in the Power of the Holy Spirit that men shall come to put their trust in God through him and to accept Him as their saviour. The new converts then serve Him as their king within the fellowship of the church. The evangelist seeks to “show forth Christ”, and to eventually say like Paul (the greatest Evangelist), “I have finished my course, I have kept the faith”.

Church Army Africa is a Society of Anglican evangelists positively transforming society throughout Africa.

Church Army Africa pursues the following mission:
To identify, develop and enable the human resource potential of the church.


  • Recreate the community of Church Army Officers through regular communication and scheduled meetings.
  • Build strong communication with the wider church in order to insure that the services we offer are known, valued and used.
  • Develop strategic linkages and partnerships with the like-minded, in order to avoid duplication and to enable us to build on the expertise of others
  • Achieve resource self- sufficiency.
  • Develop and produce training tools
  • Introduce a management structure and systems of governance and financial control that will serve the society.

About Us

Church Army has a rich history of training and equipping the church in Africa for community transformation.

Registered in Kenya in 1963, Church Army now has an active presence in nine countries in Eastern and Central Africa.

We currently run a Primary School, Colleges of Theology and Business Studies, and a wide variety of mission projects and programmes.

Over 500 evangelists and missionaries have been trained by Church Army Africa and are currently serving in various ministry capacities throughout Africa.

Mission And Vision

Church Army Africa is a community of Anglican evangelists and missionaries. We aim to equip the church to offer hope and help to the poor, unreached, and rejected across Africa.

Our Vision: A community of Anglican evangelists positvely transforming society throughout Africa.

Our Mission: To identify, develop, and enable the human resource potential of the Church.

Our Key Objectives:

  • Primary Evangelism
  • Leadership Development
  • Community Care 


Faithful, effective, and accountable leadership is at the centre of Church Army’s idenitity and mission. Church Army Africa is governed by a Board of Directors drawn from religious, business, and community leaders from across Eastern Africa. The Board of Directors meets regularly and oversees the work of Church Army Africa’s Secretariat as well as the training and mission programmes and projects of the institution, some of which have their own subsidiary Boards of Directors.

The General Secretary is responsible for spearheading the missions and evangelism initiatives of Church Army Africa across the continent and for strategic leadership and general oversight of the organization. The current General Secretary of Church Army Africa is Rev. Capt. Richard Mayabi. With a background in church planting and urban ministry, Rev. Mayabi has a passion for evangelism, grassroots training, and church empowerment. The Secretariat is the Office of the General Secretary. It includes a team of full time staff who coordinate the administrative, accounting, communications, fundraising, missions, and program support activities of the organization.


Training leaders and transforming lives is at the heart of church Army’s ministry. From nursery school to graduate level theological training, Church Army runs a variety of programmes aimed at equipping emerging leaders to bring positive change to their communities. At the local level, Church Army Africa runs a primary school with over 600 students, offering affordable and holistic, quality Christian education. Visit the Church Army Academy webpages and learn more about this exciting and vibrant ministry to children. Carlile College includes two institutions, The School of Business Studies and the School of Theology and World Missions. The School of Business Studies blends quality education and training in a variety of business studies disciplines with Christian values and spiritual formation. With over 50 years of history, The School of Theology and World Mission draws students from across Eastern and Central Africa for mission-oriented biblical and theological education. Graduates of Carlile serve in senior positions in church and society and work as missionaries, evangelists, bishops, pastors, educators, counselors, and more.

Church Army offers a variety of internship opportunities for local and international participants. Young and emerging leaders are challenged to explore their gifts, grow in their faith, and serve in missions. From six months to two years, we offer several exciting and dynamic programmes with concentrations in areas such as youth ministry, journalism, video production, cross-cultural mission, and more.

Across Africa there are challenges of poverty, disease, corruption, and conflict. How can we bring hope and HEALing to our troubled land? Church Army Africa believes that the local church is God’s primary instrument to transform communities and to offer authentic hope and healing.

That is why we are working to establish churches across the continent that communicate the love of Christ and offer HEALing through:

  • Health care
  • Education
  • Access to justice
  • Leverage wealth creation

H.E.A.L. churches are model churches that are contextually relevant and mission shaped. Church Army works through the structures of the Anglican Church in Africa to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in word and deed, train church leaders, plant new churches, and develop centres of social transformation.

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